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There is a concept in creative writing where if you want to be a great writer, you should write. Writing a novel is a craft and as the saying goes, practise makes perfect.

Coding is 99% a practical skill. Sure, there are patterns you can learn, technical nuances and things you just need to know. But generally, its a practical exercise. See for yourself when you pick up something new. If you spend all your time reading through docs and watching tutorials. You will have picked up some useful knowledge for sure. However, what happens when you go and actually…

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I was lucky when the world went into lockdown. I had just so happened to pick a career path that was unaffected by the shift in normality caused by COVID-19. But there are so many people out there who were affected by this in a much more dramatic way. So many jobs where being there in person is a necessity. My sympathy goes out to anyone in this situation.

I can’t say I ever predicted something like this, so it certainly wasn’t why I chose this line of work. However it has got me thinking about my line of work…

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I’ve often thought when working as a software developer that a job can sometimes make us feel unproductive. As developers we feel most productive when we write code. It’s a practical job and its why we like doing it. We create things out of thin air that have a tangible benefit to other people. It’s pretty unique in that way.

When a job stops a developing writing code for any amount of time. Well, there needs to be a good reason for it. Otherwise it’s wasted time right?

Being included in meetings that have no concern to you

Sometimes developers get pulled into all sorts of meetings. Because you know…

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I remember one time at a previous job I was tasked with putting together a test for potential new developers.

One of the things I came up with involved creating a basic Web page from scratch.

This seemed trivial and a good way to filter out unsuitable candidates.

But to my surprise, people really struggling with this. Even one of them that impressed in the initial talking stage of the interview. They had plenty of experience, but clearly didn’t know, or had forgot, the basics.

To me this is a really worrying idea. I know how it is. You get…

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With graphic card stock almost non-existent it has got me thinking recently about building a retro PC. If you pick your time period right you can get hold of something extremely capable (for the time) for not much money at all. Instead of paying high prices for existing technology you can get something from the early 2000s that would have been considered high end for under £100.

Prices of graphics cards from the late XP era are still really cheap. The PC you dreamed of having, with an SLI setup of 8800GTs is now actually affordable.

Here’s an idea of…

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I started coding in college and hated it. I hated the rules, how petty it was. And more importantly, how shit I was at it. Just one character out of place, just on! And the whole thing ceased to work. What a joke.

But I spent some time, watched some YouTube videos and become one of the best in the class. It didn’t take much really, because no one else was really putting in much effort and really didn’t enjoy coding. So a few hours here and there was enough to be in the top 3 or so. …

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I have worked as a web developer for other 5 years now and I have seen all kinds of websites. So many have been poorly written, cobbled together messes that clearly have been put together by people who either didn’t care — or didn’t really know any better. It is shocking to think that some of these websites unpin businesses and have actual people with actual lives that depend on them as a source of income.

I want to talk a bit today about what it takes to write a website that is really quick, that stands out from the…

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Reading is something I really enjoy, when I get around to it. The problem is it takes so much effort to sit down a read a book. It seems a little daunting at first, as though it were a really big commitment. The last thing you want to do is start something that could take 10–15 hours to finish right?

Even worse, imagine starting a book and not finishing it!?

Reading takes over the mind

I believe reading consumes more of your mind than any other medium does. Watching a TV show or film does often require your attention, but you don’t get fully submerged…

Daniel Cook

27 year old developer

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